A True Story, A Little Scare

I have a little shiver that just ran through my body. Did you ever have that feeling something is not right? Or someone is in your home but you don’t see anyone?

Al woke up alright today. I washed him up, and fixed him breakfast. He had a banana nut muffin, scrambled eggs, two sausage links and apple juice.

Afterwards, I shaved him and trimmed all the hairy parts that seem to grow only on a man’s head or face, or maybe both. LOL

I put him in his lift chair and he listened to his audio tape player with the New Testament on it.new testament

I made a cheese cake for his lunch and when the time was right, he had new  baby potatoes, meat loaf, corn and cheesecake. I was doing what I had to do since he refused his meals yesterday and I won. He ate 100% on both meals.

He started the sweating thing and the tremors are back but they aren’t too bad. He is so cold and clammy to the touch. It sort of gives me an odd feeling when I touch him.

After lunch was over he tried to use the toilet with no success. I changed his brief and put him in bed. As I was coming out of his bedroom I went and got the clean laundry I had done from his bed change this morning.

As I walked back in to his room I  heard him say, ” I love you Mom.”

I didn’t say anything and walked back out of his room. As I passed the front door, the screen door closed. I instantly turned around to see who was there. No one was there. I don’t know why but I opened it and closed it again, making sure it was latched.

I looked out on the ramp and I saw no one. It made me have a hint of shivers but I just ignored it. It must have been the wind I thought. I walked a way from the door and then I got scared.

The television that has been on the same channel all day and at the same volume was suddenly blaring. It was so loud it made me jump in my spot. I raced over to grab the remote and turn it down. I had to click the volume button a few times before I got the volume back to a normal hearing level.

With this being the second startle I slowly checked out the house. I started with my bedroom, and made my way through the house. I saw nothing. Although I had just came from Al’s room I went back there one more time; just to check. Al was talking to Mom.

I left his room and came out here and sat down at the computer. I heard the cat eating, but when I glanced over the cat wasn’t there. I don’t know what the explanation is but someone or something is definitely here.


41 thoughts on “A True Story, A Little Scare

  1. Dear Terry, I would bet that your mother’s spirit is hanging around and bringing peace and comfort to Al. Let me share a story with you. Many years ago while I was still performing as a kids enterainer I was called by an agency to go to a hospital to entertain a little boy who was dying. He loved the Yellow Power Ranger and I was to make an appeareance as the power ranger. Being a hospital situation I never know what I can or can not do. I took the mother aside before I went in to see what my limitations were, for example some hospitals do not allow balloon animals because some children will be alergic to latex. As I was talking to the mother I got the feeling that someone else was there. I told the mother not to worry that her son won’t be alone. That there was an elderly gentleman with white hair, a grandfather figure but not the grandfather waiting for her son. And that he had a small yappy dog with him. The mother started to cry. She told me that was her husbands grandfather and that yes he had a dog like I described. I know that she felt relived that her young son who was only eight but had the body of a 4 year old due to his illness would not be alone at his passing. I was hired for an hour but I stayed for 3 because I could just not leave this child. He died two weeks later.

    So the whole point of my sharing this is that I do believe your mom is already there waiting for Al. He will not be alone at his passing, rest assured Terry he will be moving on to a greater life with God.

    much love to you and Al,



    • Oh Ivonne, this really stirred my heart. Your story brought comfort and this is what I need to get through what is going to happen. thank you , thank you so much for sharing with me, big hugs


  2. I would say that there is someone there with you. Al can obviously see her and talk to her.

    I feel she needs you to know that she is there, Terry. She wants you to know that he will be safe. He will be cared for.

    I’m sorry, it’s difficult with how much I feel I should say as I know it will upset you.


  3. I too believe your mother is watching over both of you, I still have visitations from my daughter but less now as I react by grieving even longer and more intensely so I think she is not visiting so often, my dad also visited for quite a few years after he passed he would visit at night standing at the end of my bed in his flannel shirt, levis and holding the hammer of his profession along with wearing his tool belt. So yes, your mother is there. If for some reason you feel as if there may also be visits from an unknown it is a good practice to open your Bible (as many as you have) in the room(s) of your house, evil and devil will not enter your home, besides it entices you to pause and read a scripture or to pray or praise it just gives wonderful comfort even if you don’t believe it keeps evil away. I have open Bibles all over my house and prior to doing this we had visits from evil and a lot of dissension in our home brought in by others that lived with us. I know this is too long but I so want you to recognize Gods comfort and protection. Love to you both.


  4. She tried letting you know gently with the threads and you had trouble accepting her presence I think this is just her way of getting your attention and saying I am here and I am staying to watch you both while you need me I know it might sound silly but have you tried talking to her out loud and acknowledging her presence maybe if you do then ask her to go about quietly you might not get a repeat performance


      • Yes, the most recent time was when my Mother was injured and had to get staples in the back of her head. My Step-Father who had been gone for over a year came and stood watch over her that first night. She never knew he was there because I kept her very medicated but I saw and heard him talking to her for the longest time. I think it really scared him.


  5. It is your mom. Thank your Mom for showing you both she is there. Be comforted, not afraid. If her slamming the door or blaring the TV is frightening, ask her to stop, but acknowledge her presence. You can ask her for another sign; a hummingbird outside the window or something that is easier on your nerves. I know that you must be physically and mentally exhausted. {{{hugs}}} to you both.


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  7. If God should not send someone to be with you in these times, when would it be then? Did you ever read any of Elisabeth Kubler Ross’ books on death and dying? She does not write from a Christian perspective, she just states, as a doctor, the facts about what she has seen happen.When I worked in the hospital, I also witnessed how the dimensions sort of changes when someone is allowed a period of terminal illness, the difference between here and there diminishes, as if a passage is prepared. I do not know how to explain it, but what you experience is not abnormal, it is just that we are not always able to recognize it. I do not know about the TV, that could have a trivial explanation, but I do believe that your house is filled with angels and that your mother is allowed to comfort the two of you. Love, Solveig


    • I just got through reading one of her articles. It was very interesting. I guess you are right. If not now, then when? This is the perfect time, not later. Thanks my friend for helping me to understand, hugs


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