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Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship? 

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The only person I can think of that I was truly jealous of was my half-sister.

From the day she was born, she took all of Mom’s time;so it seemed.

She controlled my childhood from my age of 10 clear up until the present.

Mom got her more than Al and me. She had name brand clothing from expensive stores. Mom told me she loved her more than me. That killed me internally for years.

She had more friends than me, I thought. When we were both grown up she had Mom and Dad‘s help financially, while my husband and I struggled.

When Christmas time came, she helped her purchase gifts for her kids. I did not get that help. Halloween, another time store-bought costumes were had, while I made my kids outfits.

When she needed babysitters, Mom was right there. I hardly had babysitters. We took our kids everywhere.

It ruined part of me for many years, but then I saw something different between her and me when I got much older. It took years to see with my eyes blue instead of green. While she got everything and I worked for what my family have, it made me a better person.

While she is still living a different life, I have more stability. She is someone I love deep inside but would not let Al nor myself be in her home under no conditions. Her friends and mine are different.

Her outlook on life and mine differ. She is wild and I am calmer. She will try anything for attention and I stick more to myself and my kids.

I have wonderful friends from all around the world, and she has her own.

Mom and Dad did me the biggest favor without them realizing it. Well maybe, Dad did know what was coming.

I turned out alright. I had a rough start in life, but with having to shovel a little deeper and harder, I am proud of whom I have become today. I can walk the streets and never feel ashamed.

A little hard work doesn’t hurt us. Spoiling a child teaches nothing. Responsibilities are thrown out the window, while I cling to mine. If it weren’t for Mom and Dad’s treatment of me, I would not be able to care for Al as well as I do today.

Always remember you reap what you sow. When I take my last breath, I will do it and look back at life and say, You made it Terry, you really made it.

32 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Green-Eyed Monster

  1. I was really jealous of some person I don’t know who got help from someone I needed support from who couldn’t or was unable/strong enough to be there for me… Until I realized both of them were crazy. Then I realized I didn’t need that person like I thought I did and now how found myself blessed with 5 wonderful friends I now consider sisters. They were there for me when i needed anyone and they reached put to me. In the end, I won more than I could have ever hoped for! Life gives you what you need – not always what you want…

    I love your posts. So insightful and beautifully written!!


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  3. Such a moving story and thank you for sharing. AMEN to not spoiling. It is so not worth it in the end. My own children always thought it was unfair that I forced them to take babysitting clinics and get jobs to buy what they wanted. They took better care of what they purchased with their money. They both now appreciate what they have and work hard. Your post is an inspiration.


    • Good evening Tammy! I spoiled my kids. I think we all do to a point, but mine had to learn to respect life. I don’t think I did too bad a job. They are all grown with families of their own, and no one is in trouble with the law or big drinkers. I am very thankful and proud of them as I m sure you are of yours


      • I can tell that the difference is you did not just hand yours everything they asked for. My girls got a lot like the special prom dresses etc. Just not every whim. Yes there is a difference. It was a refreshing story to read.


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  5. Excellent post, Terry …. I think that is happens very often that one child gets more from their parents than the other. I think you’re parents knew that you will be able to fix it yourself – even if you may needed help … they saw you as the strongest one, maybe. At least they could have asked, but parents are not perfect – you have done a fantastic job with yourself and your life.
    I don’t have any siblings – but I can understand how unfair it’s when parents only seem to support one. Excellent post!


  6. My sister is 7 years older than me. She doesn’t work. My father gives her money for cigarettes and takes her to all of her appointments. She has a poor outlook on the world. Her 2 oldest kids, who live with their father, tell her they want nothing to do with her. Her 5 other kids are seemingly scattered everywhere. She complains about not having them and blames everyone, but not herself for she is blameless.
    I have been married for the past 10 years. My husband and I have struggled with many things from being homeless to not having enough money to feed ourselves (I’m glad this is not the case now with 2 kids). We may have gotten by with a little help from my in-laws and my grandma, but for the most part we have been making it on our own.
    My family acts like I’m the one who is doing something wrong. They only visit when they want something from me. They never ask me how I am doing or how my kids are. They have never liked my husband.
    I struggle from time to time with this, but for the most part find myself feeling glad I don’t have to rely on my parents like she does. I am a better person for it.


    • I think we have come from the same family backgrounds in some ways. I realize through blogging there really aren’t any perfect families. There really are skeletons in each of our closets. It is that some choose not to speak about it


      • That is so true! I have a friend in a band called I’m Happiest When and one of their songs is called Skeletons. It talks about cleaning out your closet before it’s to late. I think of that song often and realize it’s better to talk about it all than lock it up tight.


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